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A small private club in southern California called Matador Alcove has emerged as a popular platform for gentleman’s grooming, leisure and lux living.

A community developed of individuals who represented a full spectrum of stylish interests: musicians, athletes, sailors, surfers, chef’s and wine makers, race car drivers... All united by a desire to transcend the clichés of modern masculinity through adventure, discretion and style built on individual character.

With our members in mind, we adapted the classic look of a ridged tux slipper to have more versatility and comfort and developed a club shoe to suit this active southern California lifestyle. With support from some of the members to market and produce them, this little piece of Matador style comes to the world at large under the brand name BULL+TASSEL which stands for strength and refinement; two traits that should define the modern gentleman, no matter what manner of living he decides to pursue.